Sunday, March 1, 2015

International Food Allergy Bloggers Journal - March 2015 Edition

Welcome to the March 2015 edition of the International Food Allergy Bloggers Journal, where food allergy bloggers from around the globe share some of their favorite recent blog posts!

Amy E. Tracy of Adventures of an Allergic Foodie provides some helpful information about Celiac Disease in her post "Questions about Celiac Disease:? A Helpful List."

The Allergic Butterfly shares a post entitled "A Day in the Life of a Teenager with Food Allergies" on her blog The Allergic Butterfly .

In this time of food recalls, Beth Anne Van Horn helps us learn how to make our own "Taco Seasoning" on her blog The Allergy Safe Kitchen. 

Author Colette Martin of Learning to Eat Allergy-Free shares "Recipes From The Allergy-Free Pantry". Colette says "Here I share some of my favorite recipes from The Allergy-Free Pantry."

Daniella Knell shares some thoughts about life with food allergies many can relate to in "Food Allergies Suck.. But It Could Be Worse - Lessons from an Unknown Soldier" on her blog, Smart Allergy Friendly Education.

Here is some good advice for those of you with school aged children with food allergies in "Top 3 Non-Negotiables for Food Allergy Accommodation Plans" by Gina Mennett Lee, M.Ed. of

Heddi Nieuwsma shares news about "Food Allergy Clinical Trials in Switzerland" on her blog, Dairy-Free Switzerland

Jennifer Thoman of Thoman House writes about that tough decision too many parents face "To Inject or Not Inject". Jennifer writes on a variety of subjects in her family's life, including food allergies, which she noted, "does come up frequently in our daily lives." 

Kathryn Martin of Mamacado shares her breakfast recipe, "SunButter Baked Oatmeal" and says "Hope you enjoy this tasty dairy-free, egg-free and nut-free recipe!"

Libby of The Allergic Kid addresses the disturbing "trend of health gurus recommending faking a food allergy in restaurants." in her post "Restaurant Rights and Wrongs: Should You Fake a Food Allergy?"

Nicole Smith of AllergicChild offers a post many parents of a child with food allergies can relate to, "My Obsession with my Child's Health."

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